Help Your Community Thrive

ThriveAmerica is a bold new initiative that lets you Shope for a Cause. When you buy your everyday products and services at the Thrive MarketPlace, you'll get great discounts - and your chosen community groupwill get half the profits.  It's the revolutionary way to give back and help your community thrive. 

Shop for a cause
Every time you shop, we donate 50% of the profit to
help your chosen cause.

The Thrive America Initiative 

It's more than just shopping.  It's helping our communities thrive.  So whether you have a favorite community group, you are one, or you just want to help others thrive here's how to get involved.
Be A Member
Be A Partner
Be An Associate
Support Your Favorite Cause Just By Shopping At The Thrive MarketPlace.  You'll Get Great Discounts On Lots Of Products
And Services, While Your Cause
Gets Half The Profits. 
Attention Community Organizations, Faith Based Groups, & Charities: Want A Regular Monthly Revenue Stream? When Your Members Shop At Thrive MarketPlace,
You'll Get Half Of The Profits.
Now You Can Earn Extra Income While You Help Build A Better Community. Professionals: Increase Your Revenue
By Leveraging Your Existing Client
Base With Added Thrive Services.
Thrive MarketPlace is a member only website where you can get great discounts on everyday purchases, Shop for a Cause,
and give back 50% of the profitsto your favorite community organization, faith-based group, or charity.  It's a revolutionary
new way to benefit yourself and your family, support our communities, and help America thrive! 
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