Residential Real Estate Investment

Using Your IRA as an Instrument to Invest in Real Estate

“A Self Directed IRA enables you to purchase
Real Estate Investments and much more
on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis”

Use a Self Directed Real Estate IRA to Purchase Real Estate

Types of Real Estate Investments
Your IRA Can Hold

 Structuring A Self Directed IRA With American Community Financial Enables
You to Purchase Real Estate Investments
On A Tax-Deferred Or Tax-Free Basis
A Wide Range of Real Estate Can Be Held In A Self Directed IRA

Options For Investing With
Your Self Directed IRA

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Real Estate May Be Purchased And Held In A Self Directed Real Estate IRA In A
Variety of Ways
Investing Self Directed IRA Funds In Real Estate Can Be Very Tempting, But It’s Important To Understand How It Works

About Our Real Estate Investments

 With a Self-Directed IRA LLC you will have the ability to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the depressed real estate market today and to invest in almost any type
of Non-Traditional Alternative Real Estate Investment, including Residential or
Commercial  Real Estate, Foreclosure Property, Private Real Estate Business
Entities & Private Placements, Tax Liens, First Trust Deeds, Mortgage
Investment Pools, Community Real Estate
Impact Investments and more!

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