College Planning

American Community College Planning helps families successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid planning process so their children can attend the college of
their choice − regardless of the cost.

Your family's single source for college admissions and financial aid planning.


Package & Prep

"How Do We Determine The Best Schools For Our Child? The Plan Phase Is An Extremely Important
Part Of The College Admissions Process"
"How Do We Help Our Child Get Accepted To Schools Of Their Choice?  Now That You Have The 'Right Fit', You Want To Ensure They Get Accepted"


Peace Of Mind

"How Do We Afford And Pay For Our Child’s Education? The Pay Phase Is A Vital Part
Of The Financial Aid & Funding Process"
"How Can We Pay For College? The Peace Of Mind Phase Is Where We Determine The Best Way For
Your Family To Pay Without Sacrificing"

About Our College Planning

American Community College Planning is truly a one-stop shop for information and guidance on all of the components that comprise the college search and application process. Students and their families have access to an incredible range of resources that address everything from
standardized test preparation and the financial aid process
to major and career exploration.
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