Community & Social Impact Investing

Transforming How We Make Money
While Making a Difference

“We Believe That Impact Investing Will Reveal Itself
To Be One Of The Most Powerful Changes Within The
Asset Management Industry In The Years To Come”

  A growing group of investors around the country are seeking to make investments that generate social, employment, and environmental value as well as financial return. This emerging industry

of impact investing has the potential to become a potent force for addressing America’s
Charities, Faith & Community Groups, and our country’s challenges nationally. 

Investing For Social    Impact

Community Investment

"Impact Investments Aim To Solve Social Or Environmental Challenges While
Generating Financial Returns"
"Community Investing Is Capital From Investors That Is Directed To Community Groups Underserved By Traditional Financial Services"

About Our Community & Social Impact Investing

 American Community Financial offers a comprehensive range of services to help its clients participate in the impact investing industry by either designing their own investment
product to help raise capital or structuring and managing
portfolios of high-impact assets.

If impact investing is important to you, American Community FInancial can offer investment choices that positively and proactively do good while earning a return.

  To learn more about Products, Services, and Programs that we provide, please contact an American Community Financial Advisor for a No Obligation, Educational Consultation.
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