Alternative Investment Lending

Every family and individual deserves peace of mind knowing their money is somewhere safe. Not only secure, their investments must grow at a rate of return that allows them to meet their financial goals. American Communitry Financial is here to help meet those needs. We are
a real estate-based fund providing investors access to secured real estate loans. These
loans are sometimes referred to as trust deed investments. Our model offers investors
many benefits without the drawbacks of finding new loan opportunities,
reviewing transactions, or managing a loan portfolio.

Get Diversified


"With A High Single-Digit Investment Plus
Downside Limited By Equity Buffering"
"Our Investors Have Earned What They Have And Are Looking To Safely And Consistently Grow
The Capital They Have Obtained"

About Our Alternative Investment Lending

American Community Financial has a team of experts that are experienced in working with a diverse group of both business and personal clients.  We are a direct lender and have also partnered with a number of different banks, private lenders, and financing partners that
allows us to complete deals that other more traditional lenders cannot help with. 
The first and most essential step we take when working with a client or community partner is to have a conversation about your goals, and to get an understanding of what stage of life or business cycle you are in.  The financing team then uses that information to think outside
the box, considers all the options available, and crafts a solution that gets you to your
goals quickly while minimizing expenses.  We work with every client on a case-by-case
basis, and will not try to force you into a preset box or program.  Please contact us
with any questions or to submit your initial application.
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